How To Get Married In A Simple And Practical Way

If you love minimalist arrangements, and have always wanted to arrange for the most special day of your life- that is your wedding day, in a simple, minimalist and sober way, then you will find the Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida beside you in every way. This organization in Noida is one of those sacred places, who understands the importance of the marriage ceremony in bonding two souls sacredly forever. That’s why they offer the minimalist arrangement for a couple to get wed irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, nationality, or any problem.

Hassle free easy marriages no possible

If you are not already in an actively married state, then you are completely free to choose your life partner, and marry the person in a legal and ritualistic way. You may also choose to include your family, friends, or dear ones in the ceremony. Understanding the need of couples who are in love or in controversies, regarding their marriages, due to family or social pressures, the Arya Samaj Mandir has offered its sacred platform for a completely legal way to marry.

Neither do they compel you to follow rituals their way, nor do they burden you with norms. You can include any ritual your way, or choose to follow the pure Arya Samaj rituals. In the ritualistic marriage you would solemnize before the god. Also your marriage would get registered legally.

How they help you get married

The Arya Samaj Mandir issues you a certificate of marriage to thereby authenticate the ceremony and happenings. The best part of the story is that, you can choose the arrangement in any style you like. If you have a budget you can tell them your budget so that they arrange things within that. In case you plan for extra features like photo and video recording, garlands, catering, sweets, music, makeup for the couple and so on, you may get those services as well. The totally customizable marriage ceremony, which brings the whole budget in your affordable limit, is actually a very practical approach towards marriage. Neither it defies customs nor society, and nor is it against laws. That’s why it’s a simple, straightforward, and practical way to get married and get united forever.

Best it Industry Training Institute in Ghaziabad

Our company “BrainSoft Software Pvt. Ltd. Ghaziabad” Provides Training for Computer Graduates and Post graduates, graduates. In this training the student gets theory as well as Practical knowledge about the technologies. We also provide an “Industrial Environment” .we give the chance to student can enhance their knowledge .our company have very discipline and cooperative environment which helps to student growing their skills.

It’s a unique program to learn and work on latest technology under the guidance of trainer who have highly experienced. This is a golden chance to update your skills as per the requirement of industry in recession period. We will follow All Industrial pattern. The training is on self-support basis.

Why This Training Important:-

Software Development


  • This training provides good knowledge on very demanding technologies.
  • It’s a short time training program “Minimum time Maximum knowledge”
  • Training is conducted at very nominal charges by the industry experts.
  • We provide Industrial Environment which helps to students get recruitment of industry in current market.

Number of Candidate = For all computer graduates and post graduates

Eligibility = B.Tech (CS, 2nd, 3rd year)


  • The certificate will be from BRAINSOFT SOFTWARE PVT LTD.
  • The Student gets two certificates. One for Training and one for ProjectCompletion.

Placement Program:

  • On  successful  completion  of  the  program  the  BSPL  will  issue  a  certificate  of completion for the candidate.
  • A Campus Drive will be organized by Brainsoft & its affiliated units for BRAINSOFT

training certified Students.

  • Top 10  students  performing  brilliantly  through  the  training  program  will  be awarded as brilliant performers and would be called for direct interview during Campus drive.
  • *The selection process for students will be done on the basis of test series performance and instructor’s opinion and the

decision of BSPL will be invariant.

Quality of Material


The key features of our exclusive Training material are:

  • It is prepared by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
  • Careful research is undertaken to prepare it.
  • The language is simple so that students of all backgrounds are able to understand it well.
  • The concepts are explained clearly.
  • Practical examples and programmers are used in abundance.